Conversion is the Cornerstone of Patient RecruitmentPatient Recruitment

In the world of clinical trial patient recruitment, implementing a campaign that continues convert just inquiries into contacts for randomization. A common mistake many clinical research sites make is not having a easy to use, responsive design (mobile friendly) landing page or study sign up page. This one mistake is extremely costly because there are large amounts of advertising budgets being spent on advertisements that generate a lot of traffic but do not convert. With 70 % of online traffic being on either a smart phone or tablet, it is critical that the page where a company displays study information is compatible to all mobile devices and browsers.

Typically, the more information a research site asks the potential volunteer to fill out first, the lower the conversion rate of generating a lead for the listed study. It is important to only ask of information that is absolutely necessary for example, name, email, and phone number. It is good to have software set up so information like location and ad source can be given to the research site. At the end of the study, it is important to have a campaign that is converting at the highest level possible so the recruitment period is as short as it can be.

WCCT Global’s patient recruitment process called “In-Site” creates custom applications for the highest conversion rates to decrease the enrollment rates. “In-Site was designed to cover all aspects of a clinical trials and recruitment for sites that may be falling behind in enrollment.

By MattMiller