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Join a Clinical Trial and Get Paid

By participating in a clinical trial with WCCT Global, you can help the development of future treatment and get compensated!
At WCCT Global, we care greatly about our volunteers, and make it a priority to ensure that all participants are as informed and
prepared as possible, maintaining constant communication and assistance throughout the process.

About our volunteer focused clinical research

Since 1998, WCCT has been helping to develop specialized medicines and therapies through clinical research, and we couldn’t have done that without you, the volunteer. We have been fortunate enough to see thousands of volunteers just like you come through our doors and help us to make an impact on the world by taking part in a clinical trial. We strive to educate our volunteers about how their participation is truly appreciated, and demonstrate the ways in which their contributions are changing medicine now and in the future.

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Participated in a long-term study. I originally imagined staying in a hospital, but the facility was like a dormitory, and I had a lot of free time. I enjoyed playing cards with friends who joined the same trial and making new friends there.

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I first heard about WCCT Global through a friend. In the beginning, I was skeptical, but after WCCT staff members gave me a thorough explanation, I felt comfortable participating in their trial.  If I can contribute to our society like this, I would like to participate again.

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I joined a clinical trial as a healthy volunteer. Going through screening process worked like a health checkup. The facility was clean, and the staff were friendly. I was able to become acquainted with many people I had never met before and we became friends. Overall, it was a very good experience.

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What to expect

For those who have never participated in a clinical trial, we understand that it can feel somewhat intimidating, and may make you wonder if you should participate at all. Clinical trial participation is essential to the development of new, life-changing treatments and medicines. We need volunteers like you to help us in our mission to advance global health. That being said, it’s our duty to ensure that you are as informed as possible about what to expect when participating in paid clinical trials at WCCT Global.

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Safety Policy

Our volunteers are our greatest asset, and their safety is paramount. Our trained medical personnel can not only provide the highest standard of care, but can respond to any situation or emergency.

Our Facilities

Our facilities are designed with comfort in mind, we make every effort to provide amenities to meet each patients personal needs.


If you want to know more about clinical trials or are considering participating in one, the following frequently asked questions describe the role of a patient and will help you understand this unique research program.