Extensive Early-Phase Development Experience

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● The most effective recruitment and retention programs
● The best quality and highest safety standards
● A streamlined process that simplifies the drug developmental journey


h1n1 virus - influenza challenge

The First U.S. Clinical Pharmacology Unit Able to Conduct Influenza Challenge Research

WCCT is the first commercially-approved U.S. site that can drive and accelerate influenza challenge research through rapid enrollment of volunteers into adaptive clinical trials.



Data-Driven Patient
Recruitment Solutions

WCCT offers world-class patient recruitment services through
the use of advanced, data-driven technologies and databases to
accelerate the study start-up process.


Clinical Expertise to Fuel Your Study

As a full service CRO focused on early clinical development, we offer global capabilities, clinical trial services, Phase 1 units and clinical research sites, and clinical data management, as well as innovative and adaptive clinical trial designs. We utilize a collaborative approach which focuses on taking your product to the next stage of development. WCCT has vast experience in these key therapeutic areas:


WCCT has conducted over 170 Asian ethnobridging trials at our Phase 1 unit, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and other Southeast Asian countries in the last five years by having access to the largest pool of U.S.-based and international volunteers.


WCCT leverages its vast expertise in the design and oversight of gastroenterology clinical trials to help you evolve advanced treatments for digestive disorders and diseases, and extends its relationships with numerous KOLs in this field to benefit your overall clinical program.


For 20 years, WCCT has applied its uniquely innovative, agile and collaborative approach to over 250 respiratory studies. We have been a part of the early- phase research process for nearly every approved respiratory product on the market.

Infectious Disease and Vaccines

The WCCT research unit is the first ever influenza challenge site approved for commercial use in the U.S. We work to streamline clinical development of new vaccines, delivery systems, treatments and antimicrobial agents to post-approval quickly and effectively.


Due to our extensive early clinical development experience and emphasis on overnight confinement, WCCT delivers a comprehensive new level of data collection to ophthalmology studies. Additionally, WCCT offers a Phase I clinical trial facility that conducts and collects safety and tolerability data including PK while adding ocular endpoints including IOP, visual acuity and more.

Immunology and Allergy

WCCT integrates immunology and allergy expertise, advanced scientific research and more than 20 years of conducting complex global immunological clinical studies and research. We have leveraged our extensive allergy and immunology experience to play a significant role in the global development of immunologic studies.

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Strategically Delivered Clinical Services

Our team of translational clinical experts delivers exceptional results through adaptive clinical trial design, innovative patient recruitment solutions and access to state-of-the-art Phase 1 units and research sites. To meet your individual trial requirements, each element is strategically crafted and supported by performance-driven analytics.

Phase 1 Clinical Trials

WCCT provides the most comprehensive early-phase services for your study through our wholly owned Phase 1 units and clinical research sites – ensuring the highest safety and quality standards utilizing our premier risk-mitigation models.

Full Service CRO –
Contract Research Organization

As a single-source provider for translational medicine, clinical trial services, clinical data management and drug development planning, WCCT delivers a complete solution for your early or late phase clinical development programs, with all the support required to optimize your ROI.

Clinical Pharmacology Units & Research Sites

WCCT owns and operates multiple Phase 1 units and Phase II-IV clinical research sites for studies with both inpatient or outpatient requirements.

Clinical Support

WCCT’s cutting-edge innovations make the trial process faster, more precise, easily trackable and more productive. Our programs are specifically designed to improve the control and monitoring of data while tracking and reporting patient outcomes, as well as managing regulatory information in real time.


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