Always consider what your potential subject did last weekend for clinical patient recruitment…

It is amazing the type of information people place on social media about themselves. Many do not realize this, but when one adds comments to their pictures on Facebook, advertisers can show there ads to those who write specific words in their picture comments. For example, if a CRO would like to find obese individuals for a clinical study, they will need to consider lifestyle choices like restaurants or forms of entertainment that these individuals partake in. If a potential subject writes in a comment on a picture that they are eating at a specific fast food restaurant, the advertiser can send ads to that specific person based on that restaurant comment. It all starts with lifestyle for clinical patient recruitment using social media.
The best way to establish a successful campaign when implementing social media recruitment campaign is to do the research on population density linked to specific lifestyle keywords. Let’s take Facebook for example. Facebook allows one to see exactly how many people are linked to specific keywords on profiles or comments within a targeted geographical area. When implementing a campaign, this tool is crucial to make sure that the platform is going to yield the subjects needed for that the study. A little consideration of subject lifestyle on social media will greatly improve the success of an online clinical patient recruitment campaign. This tactic is just one piece of the social media patient recruitment puzzle, but it is a very important piece none the less.

By MattMiller