WCCT Global Recruits Over 200 Patients for Ethnobridging Programs

COSTA MESA, Calif., Jul. 7, 2015/IReach-PRNewswire/–Contract research organization WCCT Global announced today successful recruitment for and completion of multiple studies in Ethnobridging for diverse therapeutic conditions. Ethnic bridging/Asian bridging studies involve incorporating patients that closely resemble populations living in other parts of the world as a means of accelerating the approval process on a global scale. WCCT Global was able to successfully recruit over 200 volunteers, mostly from Chinese and Japanese backgrounds, to participate in the research programs. WCCT Global conducted these studies at their two large Phase I CPUs located in Orange County, both at the center of multiple large, metropolitan, ethnically-diverse areas in the Southern California region.

The Ethnobridging programs conducted by WCCT involved assessing the safety of numerous treatments for conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and hepatitis C, among others. Over 200 healthy volunteers were recruited for these programs, the majority of which were of first generation Chinese or Japanese descent, in under six weeks. WCCT Global was well equipped to both conduct and recruit for the studies, at their two early phase research facilities with a combined 180+ bed capacity, designed for programs with large amounts of volunteers. In order to recruit for the study, the CRO turned to its patient recruitment division, IN-SITE, which makes use of advanced technologies that are able to streamline enrollment timelines while providing metrics to measure recruitment campaign success. In addition to the IN-SITE patient recruitment division, WCCT was able to easily recruit for the ethnic bridging programs because of their favorable location at the center of the Orange County and LA areas, which are both home to ethnically-diverse populations, including Asian, Hispanic, and African-American.

WCCT Global’s Vice President of Early Clinical Development, Ed Kim, had this to say about the contract research organization’s ability to successfully recruit and conduct ethnobridging programs: “Over the years, WCCT Global has become well-known for its expertise in conducting ethnobridging and ethnic-sensitivity clinical research programs. Our facilities are designed specifically to host large, early phase research trials, and our staff is well-trained in conducting program that take ethnic backgrounds into consideration. Our years of experience, as well as our unique position within Southern California have encouraged us to adapt as a CRO/CPU and become the authority in managing programs such as these.” As a company, WCCT Global firmly believes in the power of conducting ethnobridging research programs and the benefits they offer to the pharmaceutical industry towards global drug development. WCCT Global looks forward to conducting further research in Asian bridging in the near future.