Clinical Patient Recruitment Must Be Proven!

That is the question that every pharmaceutical company should be asking themselves when looking to hire a clinical patient recruitment firm. We all know social media is the biggest trend right now for clinical patient recruitment.  And it should be! Social media has become one of the biggest forms of entertainment available all over the world. Social Media has become a platform to be able to reach hard to find population groups with much targeted advertisements. The funny thing is, most people think that it is only targeted pay-per-click advertising. Social media is much more powerful for patient engagement recruitment purposes.  Companies that have been established in the patient recruitment industry for years now have to implement social media recruitment services so they can compete with competitors that are also offering these services. The issue is, many of these companies are not using social media to its fullest capabilities. Most recruitment companies are failing to use social media the way it was originally intended to do, engage and educate people. This aspect is the most powerful tool social media has to offer for clinical patient recruitment. A good way to gauge if a patient recruitment company understands this aspect of engage and educate is to look at the number of people following the company and more importantly look at the amount of comments, likes, and shares. If you do not see an active community of engaged followers, I would question the capabilities of the company establishing a social following for your company and study.