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Choose Investiagtional Research Sites by Proven Medical Data

Choosing the right Investigational research site for any clinical trial can be the difference between hundreds of thousands of dollars spent and the time it takes to complete the clinical study. Up until recently, sites were selected by past experience and patient access claims. In many cases this information is good enough to make an educated decision on site selection, but also has resulted in a few bad sites choices due to patient shortage. WCCT Global is changing the way sites are selected with their new innovative “Site Feasibility” software. This software is able to take the needed patient indications and search nation wide to find the highest concentration of needed patient groups. Once the patients are determined, WCCT Global can take it a step further and determine the physicians  that have treated the patients. The patient data that is provided is sourced from multiple data providers and allows WCCT Global to find patients based on ICD-9 codes. The search for investigational research sites should never be a guessing game but an informed decision based only on proven patient data.

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By MattMiller