Infectious Disease Drug Development Streamlined with Patient Recruitment.

COSTA MESA, Calif. July, 29, 2013/PRWeb/–WCCT Global, a contract research organization headquartered in Southern California announces today the successful implementation of an innovative clinical patient recruitment strategy which will enable the acceleration of Infectious Disease Drug Development. The rapid emergence of resistant bacterial, fungal and viral strains has weakened many of our existing anti-infective agents. New anti-infective targets have been discovered by academia and the Pharma Industry and regulatory agencies have implemented plans to expedite the review of clinical trials with these newly evolving anti-infective agents. WCCT Global has recognized the urgent need to expedite the protocol implementation and clinical patient recruitment elements of the clinical research programs such that timelines can be shortened by 25 to 30%. WCCT Global was able to implement this expedited process based upon its extensive experience in infectious disease clinical research. WCCT Global is currently managing projects in Chronic Hepatitis C, Chronic Hepatitis B, Complicated Skin and Skin Structure infections, Otitis Externa, Vaccines and Fungal Infections.

Jon Rojas, Chief Operations Officer of WCCT Global said, “We feel that this new paradigm for expedited infectious disease drug development is important because these new products that are in development represent the potential to fight infections that have been causing the deaths of thousands in the United States every year. The streamlined process that we have implemented will greatly increase the speed and precision of the research that is being performed to support the safety and efficacy of these new and novel agents. The sponsors that have taken part in this research with WCCT Global seem have greatly benefited from the experience.”