What if I told you there is a way to advertise for free for your clinical patient recruitment efforts?

Well that is exactly what I am telling you.  The use of social media is expanding the capabilities of clinical patient recruitment. Now, the use of hashtags allows people to find your advertisements for your clinical studies without spending a dime. The purpose of a hashtag is to act as a way to categorize your pictures or posts on multiple social media platforms. Once you apply a hashtag to a post, that post is automatically categorized with other images or posts that have been tagged with the same hashtag.  Clinical patient recruitment  should be advertised based on lifestyle of the population groups you need for each study. The use of hashtags for clinical patient recruitment is perfect for targeting lifestyles of the population needed for the study. Being that a hashtag is a descriptor of what the image is showing, you can apply hashtags like: #healthy #asthma #love #mcdonalds and many more. Depending on what hashtags people would be scrolling through, your image of the study information would be shown and allow for someone to learn about the study and then sign up. The power of hashtag marketing can be huge!! Especially if you do your homework and learn what hashtags are trending. They work in a way for one to get free organic traffic to any post or advertisement. Social Media for clinical patient recruitment just became a little more effective.