Patient Recruitment just became a little more interesting…..Patient Recruitment

The use of video has always been a premier way to deliver a message in a more entertaining way than print advertisements. The use of video for clinical trial patient recruitment has been a way to deliver a lot of great information to the viewer but has always been a much more costly option than banner or print advertisements due to the cost of production, especially if the ad is planned to air on television.  The question is, will Facebook’s introduction to video advertising change the way companies recruit for clinical trials?

I think the resounding answer is yes and the best part is, many will not take advantage of video which will leave the competition for that space wide open. Companies are going to have to be creative in creating videos that are entertaining and attractive about clinical trials. I expect CTR rates to increase on these types of ads purely based on the engaging aspect of a video versus a picture advertisement. Another benefit about Facebook’s video advertising is the amount of information people will be able to receive from the ad. As Facebook’s advertising platform sits, there are a limited number of characters one can have in an advertisements which hinders companies’ ability to convey all the information about the study. With video, even though there will be video time limits, more information will be able to be expressed through visuals and sound.  The introduction to Facebook’s video advertising for will enable research sites to continually refine the prescreen process by listing more qualification to the possible clinical trial volunteer so only more qualified people are only signing up for studies which in turn, makes the whole screening process more efficient. A question to ask yourself is, do you have a plan to make engaging videos for your clinical trial patient recruitment efforts? If the answer is no, WCCT Global has created a great way to create videos for clinical trials. We can show you if interested.

By MattMiller