Email Marketing Works Wonders with Patient Recruitment

Lately, there has been a great deal of discussion about social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in articles in magazines, newspapers, and online.  Even we are guilty of discussing the power of these social media
outlets because not every business has taken advantage of them yet.  After all Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all new, modern, and innovative.  They are constantly altering formats, updating their systems, and engaging with their audiences.

However, one type of communication that has been prevalent but neglected is email marketing.  Despite the lack of spotlight, email is the old-timer that still beats all of the new youngsters in a couple of different statistics: there is approximately 2,900,000,000 email accounts and only 750,000,000 Facebook accounts.  On top of that, those email accounts are still being utilized on a daily basis: on average 188,000,000,000 messages are sent per a day.  These statistics demonstrate that email marketing still plays a significant role in online communication.  Though we must progress and utilize the new forms of social media for patient recruitment, the email network cannot and should not be disregarded.

Emails can still connect to a large number of patients, particularly when it comes to advertising for patient recruitment.  It can also save time for advertisers: for example, when someone signs up an introduction email and two additional follow-up emails staggered a couple days later can automatically be sent.   Email messages can redirect the traffic towards other websites of their choice.  One could utilize email by applying similar tactics of engaging patients with informative messages and promotions.  Email marketing is all about establishing trust.