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Full Service CROWCCT Global, Full Service CRO, Announced that Peter Nieto has Joined as VP of Business Development

Peter Nieto has joined WCCT Global as the new VP of Business Development. As a company, we have continued to grow as our full service CRO capabilities continue to grow and client sponsors keep returning to WCCT Global for their research needs. Peter brings a wealth of knowledge to the company with having over 30 years of experience in the clinical research arena. Key areas of continued growth for WCCT Global are late stage research, influenza challenge clinical trials, and patient recruitment solutions in many therapeutic areas. With Peter’s oversight and industry knowledge, WCCT Global is poised for a continue stream of growth Peter has worked at a number of CRO’s and held top management positions their with a proven track record of growing business development and implementing a quick RFP response time to sponsors.

In a recent article posted about Peter joining the company, WCCT Global’s VP of Global Clinical Development, Lee Barsky, stated, “The wealth of strategic knowledge Peter brings to the management of our business growth and expansion of our service offerings is unparalleled. Our organization will continue to be a leader and trend setter in clinical innovation; paving the pathway to the biopharmaceutical industry.”

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