Cypress, CA / December 7, 2007 / – WCCT is pleased to announce the completion of one of the first Chinese bridging trials for a multinational sponsor. The study is allowing the sponsor to initiate Phase III studies in mainland China sooner. WCCT is pleased to be a partner with sponsors who want to accelerate global drug development by obtaining PK data in Asian populations so that Asian studies can be performed earlier. For more information on conducting Asian bridging trials, please contact WCCT at

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WCCT is an independent early phase clinical CRO with a 120-bed phase I facility with 10 telemetry equipped beds located in southern California. WCCT has a unique focus on Ethno-bridging studies along with extensive experience with healthy volunteer and specialty trials (allergy, asthma, infectious disease, pediatric, renal and vaccines). For more information, visit our Web site at



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