Vaccine Clinical Trials Should Always be Full Service…

Research on Vaccines has come a long way. Many cutting edge breakthroughs in treatments have saved the lives of millions of people around the world. This is testament to the research done by countless contract research organizations that have have made it their mission to fight against deadly illnesses that affect today’s populations. With the recent out breaks of influenza around the world including H1N1 and numerous other strains, the importance of vaccine development is at all time high. Many pharmaceutical companies realize this and are doing everything they can to produce a vaccine to prevent infections. In the process of their development, they are looking for organizations that have the expertise to run every aspect of a vaccine clinical trial from study design to patient recruitment to data management. These are some of the key qualities many pharmaceutical and biotech companies are looking for in a full service CRO.

As a full service CRO, WCCT Global has always had the desire to be able to offer their clients everything they need to run a successful and efficient clinical trial. They realized that many vaccine clinical trials need a specialized facility where the staff can safely conduct research on multiple vaccines including influenza. WCCT Global just built a state of the art quarantine facility to allow sponsors the freedom to conduct research for vaccines in a safe and secure environment.  Some of the key features of this new vaccine research unit include 30 individual private rooms, separate HVAC systems for controlled ventilation, and separate dedicated units for virus and vaccine storage. The design behind this build is to safely house clinical trial volunteers in a clean and comfortable environment during the study. The goal is to be the leading full service CRO that can run any types of early clinical research study for vaccines.


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By MattMiller