There is more to Patient Recruitment…..

In clinical trials, patient retention is just as important as patient recruitment. It is one thing to find the patients and enroll them into a study but it will not do much good if the patient drops out of the study half way through.
Especially the longer studies that have many follow up. This sad story has been told time and time again. A sponsor has a clinical trial with many follow up visits required by the participants. The participant begins to attend the follow up visits but may stop coming or lose motivation for coming for a number of reasons. This can be a nightmare for sponsors and sites actually running the study. The key is to have the participants be so plugged into the study that they will never “forget” and be “motivated” and “engaged” to what is going on in the study.

So what is the solution to this? Social Media.

Those who are running or are going to be running research studies with long study durations need to begin to think outside the box and look to new technologies to assist with this. Social media is fantastic for patient recruitment but can be just as powerful for retention. Locating the subject that would be qualified for the study is one part, but actually gaining the trust of the subject and having them want to follow your social media account is a whole other animal. Once you gain their trust in that manner, you can freely communicate study information to them and have much more frequent interactions with them which turns into trust and ultimately retention.

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