Clinical Patient Recruitment Needs to be Entertaining

Did you know Google owns Youtube?
You probably knew that. The search engine giant bought Youtube a while back so now they are the search engine giant and video giant. What does this mean for clinical patient recruitment? You need to be producing videos for clinical studies because watching a video has always been more entertaining than just staring at a picture for one, but more importantly, you want your information to be found easier through search results. Due to Google owning Youtube, Google is pushing videos that are linked to keyword search terms to the top of search results to encourage users to make more videos. For clinical patient recruitment, this means if you have a video that is shown when a possible study participant searches for a possible treatment or medication, your video is shown. Google is ranking video faster in search engines as an incentive to use more video for content. The videos that are being produced for clinical trials are quickly being ranked based on the keywords that are attached to the video, thus having more views  and resulting in more potential study participants.

There is an art to implementing a video campaign on Youtube to make sure your videos are being shown and directing traffic back to your site or landing page. This involves a SEO plan. If you have any questions on the use of Youtube for clinical patient recruitment or producing videos, send me a message to