Webinar: Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment using Social Media

COSTA MESA, Calif., July 10, 2013/PRWeb/WCCT Global, a contract research organization headquartered in Southern California, announced today that they will be hosting a webinar to discuss the use of social media in clinical trial patient recruitment on July 18th at 10:00 PST. The title of this webinar is 5 “More” Proven Strategies to Clinical Trial Recruitment Using Social Media. This is the second webinar of the series presented by WCCT Global. The first webinar in the series was recorded and can be viewed here. The topics that will be discussed are the use of Instagram, gathering social engagement, video marketing, and the use of hashtags for clinical trial patient recruitment. These topics are areas that are continually changing and it is important to use these strategies to run a successful campaign.

The Webinar will be presented by WCCT Global’s Digital Media and Marketing Manager Matt Miller and Social Media Consultant/Business Owner Jerome Chiaro. Both have many years of experience in social media and online advertising and branding. WCCT Global’s Digital Media and Marketing Manager Matt Miller stated, “Our goal for this webinar is to demonstrate the importance of clinical trial patient recruitment and study awareness using specific social media strategies. The companies that are using these technologies properly are running extremely efficient campaigns while others use many resources for little results.” The tactics that will be discussed come from WCCT Global’s Recruitment Management Tool (RMT), the widely publicized recruitment tool implemented at WCCT Global and other sites over 6 months ago. You can register for this free webinar here.