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Respiratory Clinical Research is a Continual Focus for the Pharmaceutical Industry…

With today’s fast-paced world and growing technologies and machinery, our air and general environment is not exactly getting any better. This has directly resulted in the prevalence of many respiratory diseases and ailments like asthma and COPD that are becoming more common today. Many Americans are afflicted by asthma, a serious chronic lung disease caused by continual airway inflammation punctuated by episodes or attacks of increased inflammation, often in response to specific triggers. These attacks are characterized by having trouble breathing, which occasionally are extreme and can become a medical emergency. Over a 16 year period between 1980 through 1996, the prevalence of asthma in the United States had increased dramatically. Although the prevalence slowed around 2001, it now seems that these respiratory diseases are back on the rise. In the United States alone, there are 18.9 million people who have asthma. This is 8.2% of Adults in the U.S. who have asthma. This is why respiratory clinical research is on the rise in the U.S. The more respiratory clinical research is being done, the quicker we can get results of new, innovative ways to treat and cure such diseases. It is especially important because these respiratory diseases are mostly common in young children so many CROs that conduct pediatric clinical research also do respiratory clinical research. Respiratory clinical research is done with the most up to date technologies as well as the best safety guidelines in the clinical research industry. With the increase of CROs that conduct respiratory clinical research, participants can look forward to improved quality treatments. The continual growth in the Respiratory Clinical Research space will further expand our ability to choose better treatments.

By MattMiller