Failure to use the Facebook Applications for Patient Recruitment will Greatly Decrease your Conversion Success. Patient Recruitment

Many patient recruitment companies advertise on Facebook to find patients for many different clinical studies. For a good reason too, there are over 150 million active users on the site. There is one problem though, most companies are not utilizing their company’s Facebook page applications for having volunteers sign up for clinical studies. What I am seeing is most companies place advertisements and have the ads take them off Facebook and direct them to another website. The issue is Facebook allows one to direct people from an advertisement to an application within the Facebook Page. Facebook actually rewards people with using this type of landing page by lowering the cost of your PPC advertisement. The reason is they want to keep users within Facebook and not have them leave. Another benefit is a person will not get a message asking them if it is ok to take them off the Facebook website. This type of message is a huge factor in turning people away from reaching your landing page. If your patient recruitment company is currently running a Facebook advertising campaign for your organization but is not utilizing the in-page landing page application approach, your advertisement budget may not be utilized as wisely as possible.

Another important aspect to creating the Facebook  landing page is the ability to create the page in a mobile friendly layout so those using Facebook on mobile devices will not have any issues signing up for the study. What I have seen is companies posting about current studies they are looking for volunteers for but the link they are posting to sign up is not mobile friendly which results in greatly decreasing there conversion rates for potential volunteer leads. The key is making any posts that are for the purpose of recruitment to have mobile friendly links and landing pages for people to sign up. 80% of Facebook users are on mobile devices so if your links are not mobile friendly, you are losing out on the majority of traffic.  The use of the Facebook applications for patient recruitment is a must in order to the most efficient campaign possible.

By MattMiller