In the past couple of decades technology and social media have skyrocketed, consuming our lives on a daily basis.  Multiple options for social media have erupted, and according to Google approximately 63% of people interact
more online than they do in real life.  Even Forbes Magazine is discussing the power of the media by writing tips in an article: “7 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of Social Media.”  Large corporations and successful businesses recognize the necessity of harnessing the power of social media.  However, not everyone has recognized that social media outlets cannot only help boost communication between customers and businesses, but it can also help increase the retention rate of patients.  Perhaps it is the informality of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that makes businesses overlook the potential benefits of utilizing those sources.  We have learned, however, that engagement over social media has helped increase patient recruitment and retention for studies.  In fact, our Facebook and Instagram pages have successfully advertised, recruiting patients fitting particular criteria for our studies.

Social media skills are critical for the success of businesses—whether it’s for maintaining strong relationships with patients or increasing patient recruitment.  Of course utilizing social media robotically will not result in success.  Rather, these social outlets must have posts that are both informally engaging while informative and relevant.  Followers don’t just want advertisements thrown at them constantly, but if one can advertise humorously and innovatively social media can become a powerful tool.  Success in maintaining strong relationships with patients and increasing patient recruitment can easily be spread to a network of people with a few clicks of a mouse. Click HERE for more info.