Many claim to be social, few actually are.

Social Media has become the focus for many patient recruitment companies. As it should. Social Media is one of the most used features on the internet and the best part is, every age group is now fully engaged in social media. This is a dream come true for patient recruitment companies if they know how to utilize the process of capturing the desired population group’s attention and getting them engaged with clinical trials.

There is one problem though….

Many patient recruitment companies state that they offer social media marketing services but when you look at their own social media networks, most have almost no engagement or following of their own. This is one large area of concern. If you are considering choosing a patient recruitment company to handle your social media campaigns, make sure you take a look at their own social media sites to see if they have an engaged following. What is a engaged following? It is the number of people who are “Talking About, Liking, Following, Commenting, and Sharing” on posts on the social media sites. If they do not have an engaged following, I would be weary expecting them to gather an engaged audience of possible subjects for your study.  Social Media is most powerful when there is engagement, conversation, and followings. Without it, all you have is PPC advertising.

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