Data Driven, Geographically-Targeted, Indication-Specific Patient Recruitment

COSTA MESA, Calif., August 29, 2013/PRWeb/–WCCT Global, a contract research organization headquartered in Southern California announces today that they have added an innovative piece of technology to their already robust clinical patient recruitment system. This piece of technology enables WCCT Global to locate patient populations in specific geographical locations based on medical history and physician activity for the desired specific patient population based on the study inclusion/exclusion criteria. Lee Barsky, VP of Global Clinical Development exclaimed:

“This new technology is a great addition to our already-powerful Patient Recruitment Management Tool because WCCT Global will not only be able to reach out to physicians in the areas located with specific patient populations but we can also implement a social media advertisement and engagement strategy to pinpoint the heavily populated areas of the specific patient populations to recruit for the clinical study – and the best part is all of this is with patients that are prequalified based on the IE criteria of the study.”

The Patient Recruitment Management Tool was built upon a social media platform and having the ability to pinpoint patient populations through electronic healthcare data sources, WCCT Global’s RMT now has even more targeted approach for clinical patient recruitment. With this ability, sponsors can have proven data around their site placement to increase their success in recruiting patients into studies. Above all, WCCT’s new tools are data-driven to provide the best results for sponsors, saving time and money when it comes to clinical trial patient recruitment. All too often, studies are delayed or even canceled because of failed recruitment efforts–an issue that WCCT hopes to eliminate in the coming months with their new program. For more information about WCCT Global’s innovative patient recruitment and retention strategy, learn more here.