As we stroll by a bulletin board, at first glance it appears to be a stuffed paper-mache column with a colorful dash of pictures and printed words in the midst of it all.  For businesses, this board is supposed to help them advertise,
but to viewers this compilation of advertisements translates into gibberish and chaos.  If one’s lucky, three or four advertisements stand out successfully for a couple of hours before being covered by another.  The printed ads are competing so desperately that in the end there are only layers of paper overlapping one another in one incomprehensible heap.  This is not to say that there is not a hidden gem potentially obscured by a number of other papers.  However, our patient recruitment advertisements that are printed are not as successful in capturing the intended audience.  Essentially, this method of advertisement has become less effective, and the amount of time and manpower it takes to produce these printed advertisements is not worth it.

Thankfully, businesses have an alternative option: one can advertise online.  Nowadays it’s not surprising if we see someone briskly walking by with their eyes glued to their Iphone or Ipad.  If a great deal of people’s time is spent online, why not utilize that time to advertise successfully?   Online advertisements also mean that one can reach a greater audience and use less time doing so too.  Social media like Facebook can help businesses reach a network of people with ease.  These online advertisements will not only reach the people who “like” a page, but it will also reach all of their friends.  We’ve found that online advertisement has helped boost patient recruitment successfully.  In fact, approximately 70% of the patients recruited for studies are found through online advertisements.  If advertised properly, an online advertisement could potentially leave competitors in the dust.

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