This is the era of mobile phones and tablets. 80% of internet users spend more time on their mobile devices than a desktop computer. What does this mean for patient recruitment? Everything. The platform that CROs and pharmaceutical company’s websites need to be on is a mobile optimized layout. The importance of this is any advertisements that are bringing possible clinical study participants to your website on their mobile devices may not be able to fully view or sign up for your study. This equates to a loss of conversion and resources, especially if your organization is on a pay-per-click advertising platform. The largest populations for patient recruitment are on their mobile devices and those who see the highest conversion for patient recruitment are running a robust recruitment campaign designed for mobile devices.  The mobile friendly necessity goes on.

Mobile friendly links are also a must. An issue can arise from a possible subject that is on their mobile device clicks on a study advertisement and the link is a normal URL, your landing page may not show properly thus costing the organization money with no conversion. The purpose of the mobile friendly platform with mobile friendly links is to ultimately increase the advertisement conversion rate and increase enrollment for clinical studies. If your organization is not on a mobile friendly platform, it is time to strongly consider converting. If you are interested in improving your patient recruitment with going mobile friendly, email me at