Instagram for Patient Recruitment?


Even Facebook recognized the potential and power of Instagram in our modern world.  Instagram has the capability of capturing the attention of their audience in a way that Facebook nor Twitter could only dream of doing.  The
constant flow of enhanced, artsy photos keeps us coming back for more.  This unique attraction has a different type of power because it engages and satisfies us immediately.  We don’t have to scroll through pages of text to find a funny Tweet or interesting status.  Rather we receive immediate gratification and entertainment from the photos (as well as video now) captioned with small text.

Once we recognized the different benefits of Instagram, we were able to utilize it for patient recruitment to capture our target audience of 18-30 years old for clinical trials.  We post visually stimulating pictures, relating to specific clinical studies, in order to recruit patients.  A humorous or creative post will often times result in positive outcomes.  After all these advertisements are posted on a popular social media news feed in which there are approximately 90 million active users per a month with on average 1,000 likes per second.  The amount of activity that occurs on Instagram can only boost patient recruitment and advertisement for businesses.  The importance is knowing how to establish a following and keep them engaged.

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