Influenza Challenge Research is Now Available in the United States.

Influenza Challenge Research now available for companies looking for
a US based clinical research organization to conduct challenge clinical trials.

WCCT Global is proud to announce the ownership of a recently circulating Influenza A/California/2009 (H1N1) virus for the purpose of research. This is a very exciting time for WCCT Global because now we are the only US based commercial CRO with a dedicated 30 bed research unit dedicated to conducting Influenza challenge research. This challenge virus, manufactured in compliance with the high level of quality and characterization required by the U.S. FDA and other Regulatory Agencies, has a much better infectivity profile than reported for similar challenge viruses. This will be instrumental to companies currently conducting influenza clinical research because now there is an option to take their challenge clinical trials to a US based facility instead of having to go outside of the US. Kenneth Kim, MD, CEO of WCCT Global said, “The capability to carry out the experimental influenza challenge model in conjunction with our deep-seated expertise in anti-viral drug development will surely be of great interest to our sponsors. This new capability combined with our Full Service Global capabilities, specialized influenza project teams, and deep scientific knowledge allows WCCTG to manage vaccine and antiviral development programs from First in Man through NDA submission.”

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