Patient Recruitment has Changed yet Again…

What is the purpose of a savings account? Why do people save for the ever presence “rainy day”? Well… It is to be prepared for the future and make sure they are covered when that day comes. This same principle of “saving for a rainy day” should be applied to clinical trials as well. Companies planning on starting a clinical trial in the near future should begin planning on a way to find study participants. The main way companies fill their study is once protocol is finalized and the large ad budgets are given, a spending spree takes place. Throwing funds at every media outlet possible, hoping volunteers see the ad and sign up. There is another way that is much more methodical way and generates organic study volunteers, but just like a savings account, it takes time to build. Imagine having people that are searching for certain treatments or medications find your study information on the first page of the search results. With the millions of people that are using Google or other search engines to find the answers to their questions, there is so much potential to be found. And get this… you will not be charged when one clicks on your link to your website.  There is so much potential for companies that recognize that planning for studies well in advance.

If you are not aware, Google just underwent the largest update since 2001 called Hummingbird. This update has affected many companies and recruitment effort. The good news is, if organizations create recruitment campaigns tailored to the new Hummingbird update, they will see huge success in having their study advertisements found by their target patient population. On November 7th, WCCT Global will be hosting a Free and exciting webinar entitled: “7 Secrets to Plan Ahead for Patient Recruitment Using Google’s New Hummingbird Update”. The steps that will be reviewed will give your recruitment campaigns the upper hand when implementing a long term recruitment plan. To sign up to attend, CLICK HERE:

P.S. all that attend will be receiving tools to take away with them for their campaigns.