Clinical Research Sites

Clinical Pharmacology Units (CPUs)

Phase I-II Clinical Trials. Inpatient or Outpatient. Our CPUs  and research centers yield success.

Phase I-II Clinical Research Sites

WCCT owns, operates, and partners with multiple clinical sites throughout the Southern California region:

Because we also manage studies at the CRO level, our clinical pharmacology units have top-down insight into the clinical process that has been further operationalized through the use of our electronic data capture tools to produce a more comprehensive level of data for our sponsors. Unlike most sites, ours have the business support needed to meet all goals in timelines, budget, recruitment and retention. Our unique approach to clinical study management yields success.

Clinical Research Sites and Pharmacology Units

Strategically situated to recruit from large, diverse ethnic populations, WCCT’s clinical trial sites and clinical pharmacology units (CPUs) can not only meet your recruitment and retention goals, but they have the administrative support needed to meet your timelines and operate within your budget.

Phase 1 CPU

2-3_cypress_imageWCCT’s Phase I CPU and largest location. Overnight accommodations for up to 180 volunteers. Multilingual call center for subject recruitment. Houses a Safety Reference Laboratory.
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Special Populations CPU and Influenza Challenge Facility

2-3_costa_mesa_imageWith 30 rooms, this special-population studies CPU can house up to 60 subjects and can house influenza challenge studies.
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