Phase 1 Units

Early Clinical Development Research Sites and Services

WCCT’s unique adaptive approach to early clinical development provides you with the opportunity to greatly accelerate your timelines, while controlling your study’s overall cost structure. We have effectively leveraged this model for a multitude of disease states – including each of our therapeutic areas of expertise. It has proven to enhance recruitment efforts, while maximizing data homogeneity and decreasing variability. We individually tailor each Phase 1 clinical trial design to expedite the development of your compound with a full risk mitigation plan.

Clinical Pharmacology Units (CPUs)

Phase I-II Clinical Trials. Inpatient or Outpatient. Our CPUs  and research centers yield success.

Phase I-II Clinical Research Sites

WCCT owns, operates, and partners with multiple clinical sites throughout the Southern California region:

Because we also manage studies at the CRO level, our clinical pharmacology units have top-down insight into the clinical process that has been further operationalized through the use of our electronic data capture tools to produce a more comprehensive level of data for our sponsors. Unlike most sites, ours have the business support needed to meet all goals in timelines, budget, recruitment and retention. Our unique approach to clinical study management yields success.

Clinical Research Sites and Pharmacology Units

Strategically situated to recruit from large, diverse ethnic populations, WCCT’s clinical research and pharmacology units can meet your recruitment and retention goals, and provide the business support needed to meet your timelines and budget. WCCT offers state-of-the-art phase one units and clinical research sites that are used to conduct early clinical development programs for sponsors worldwide.

Phase 1 CPU—Cypress, CA

WCCT’s Phase I CPU and largest location. Overnight accommodations for up to 180 volunteers. Multilingual call center for subject recruitment. Houses a Safety Reference Laboratory.

Viral Challenge CPU—Costa Mesa, CA

With 30 rooms, this viral challenge studies CPU can house up to 60 subjects.

Early Clinical Development Expertise

With over 500 Phase 1 clinical trials completed for the development of specialized therapies and medicines, WCCT has developed a comprehensive portfolio of expertise in early clinical development


Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteer recruitment is one of the leading causes of missed deadlines and failed studies. Avoid these fallbacks with a trusted team of experts utilizing data-driven solutions to meet your study enrollment goals.


Ethnobridging Studies

Gain access to one of the highest immigrant Asian-American populations in the U.S. through WCCT’s owned-and-operated Phase 1 clinical trial unit. We have managed the successful completion of multiple ethnobridging studies on time and within, or even before, the original timeline set by the sponsor.


Ophthalmology Studies

WCCT Global offers an end-to-end solution for conducting Phase I-II ophthalmic clinical trials. We combine site ownership with a network of ophthalmology research centers, investigators, and KOLs to provide its partners the services necessary to accelerate the development of new treatments.


Viral Challenge and Vaccine

Our Influenza Challenge Unit is the first and only commercially-approved site in the U.S., offering sponsors the freedom to conduct vaccine research in a secure environment. This CPU offers private rooms for volunteers, separate HVAC systems, and dedicated units for virus and vaccine storage.

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