Contract Research Organization WCCT Global Announces Continued Successful Completion of Ethnobridging Clinical Trials

COSTA MESA, Calif., Sept. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — WCCT Global, a full service contract research organization headquartered in Southern California that is known for their on-time completion of clinical trials, announced today the successful completion of a Chinese ethnobridging clinical trial. WCCT Global was asked to quickly enroll 18, 1st generation Chinese volunteers into a clinical trial which required these subjects to stay in-house for 17 days. Successful completion of the project can be attributed to the highly trained recruitment team which includes a department of Chinese-speaking patient recruitment specialists and the location of WCCT Global’s large phase I clinical pharmacology unit in Cypress, California. One of the main tactics which contributes to WCCT Global’s ability to successfully satisfy enrollment for Asian Ethnobridging trials is the communication networks that the CRO has established in the Asian communities. WCCT Global regularly attends community events local to their CPUs, spreading the word about clinical research and educating the public on the significance of clinical trial participation.

WCCT Global has taken other steps to reach the Asian communities such as building a website that is completely in the Japanese language and focused on the volunteers by informing them about the availability of clinical trials and exactly what to expect when joining a trial at one of WCCT Global’s clinical trial sites. Other areas that the company is expanding to make sure they are able to connect with the community is to grow specific social networks for those living in Southern California and of Asian descent for example they have already began building a large following of Japanese volunteers for upcoming trial notification. All of these tactics that WCCT Global has implemented over the years and continues to develop enables the CRO to maintain its leadership position in Ethnobridging clinical trials.

WCCT Global’s Recruitment Supervisor, Stephanie Chong stated, “We take pride in educating the members of the diverse ethnic communities near our locations about clinical trials and the importance of their involvement in clinical research. We focus on making sure that all our volunteers have a clear understanding on what a clinical trial is and enjoy every aspect of their stay with us while participating.”