Contract Research Organization WCCT Global Announces Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Rescue Program With a Pay-Per-Patient Enrolled Pricing Structure

COSTA MESA, Calif., October 20th, 2014/PRNewswire-iReach/—WCCT Global, a full service contract research organization (full service CRO) headquartered in Southern California announced today the launch of a clinical trial patient recruitment rescue program for companies that are struggling to enroll their trials as the year comes to an end. WCCT Global’s patient recruitment division “In-Site” is comprised of 12 key elements to ensure patient enrollment and retention. The rescue program that was effective as of October 1st is designed to have a recruitment campaign implemented within 7 business days to ensure quick patient referrals. This rescue program has been designed to quickly enroll patients and offer the sponsors the assurance that they are only paying for the patients that are enrolled into the trial. WCCT Global has implemented this pay-per-performance model because they feel they should be fully invested into every client and only win when the clients win in successful enrollment.  The reason WCCT Global’s “In-Site” is able to offer this plan is because of their years of experience recruiting patients in multiple therapeutic areas and the systems “In-Site” has designed to enroll and retain every patient from beginning to end of the trial.

This rescue plan is specifically designed for multi-site management and enrollment due to their ability to quickly initiates sites into the campaign by setting up real-time scheduling and implementing their fully dedicated patient recruitment call center. This allows for WCCT Global “In-Site” to find the patients, pre-screen, and schedule the patients all in one call. The rescue plan also increases retention because WCCT Global “In-Site” can schedule and provide transportation to patient who may not have access. With data to prove that 70% of sites report enrollment delays, WCCT Global “In-Site’s” patient recruitment program has one goal which is to lower delays and increase the quality of patients volunteering for clinical trials.

More about WCCT Global:

WCCT Global is a multi-site, full service CRO of outsourced early drug development and late phase services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. As a drug development partner, WCCT Global collaborates with domestic and foreign innovator companies who need regulatory, program management, patient recruitment, data management and strategic consulting support, with an emphasis on overseeing and executing trials in special disease populations, pediatric populations, ethno-bridging, and cardiac safety. WCCT has extensive experience with healthy volunteer studies including First-in-Human (FIH), as well as specific therapeutic expertise in Allergy, Asthma, HCV, Ophthalmology, Renal, and Vaccines.

If you are interested in learning more about WCCT Global’s clinical trial patient recruitment rescue program, CLICK HERE.