Data Driven Clinical Trial Participant Recruitment Solutions

COSTA MESA, Calif., January 17, 2013/PRWeb/–WCCT Global, a contract research organization (CRO) supporting Phase I – IV biopharmaceutical and device development, today announced the successful enrollment of more than a third of the patients required for a national chronic Hepatitis B study with very stringent inclusion/exclusion criteria, using their advanced clinical trial participant recruitment strategy Recruitment was scheduled to last for 8 months and WCCT Global was able to help the sponsor complete recruitment in 2 months. WCCT Global was similarly able to recruit and over-enroll Hepatitis C patients on 2 other studies in 2012. WCCT Global attributes these successes to their established participant database which has been built over the past 14 years and their cutting edge marketing and recruitment tactics for participants in clinical trials. In an industry where enrolling qualified participants over a pre-specified period of time; both an established database and our “proven” media recruitment strategy are required.

WCCT Global is setting the industry standard for this capability. Talia Nikolao M.B.A., VP of Business Development says, “When discussing a new project’s clinical trial participant recruitment needs with a sponsor, we scrutinize the critical details, and then immediately begin to design our recruitment strategy. I am thrilled that our focus on patient recruitment has allowed us to over-enroll in these important trials”

WCCT Global has an established cutting edge, data-driven and digital based clinical trial participant recruitment and marketing process which has become the main driver for the high success rate that has been achieved so consistently. WCCT Global is pioneering the way that contract research organizations are recruiting participants for clinical trials. Through digital technologies, geographic targeting, and data collection on potential patients’ age, gender, lifestyle, and interests, the CRO’s recruitment strategy has become more than just an additional offering for Sponsors to consider when selecting a firm to conduct or manage their clinical research programs.

More information about WCCT Global’s Clinical Trial Participant Recruitment program can be found here.