Clinical Patient Recruitment improved with the use of QR Codes

Print campaigns have been around for years and are one of the oldest forms of marketing. For clinical trials, print campaigns have always been one of the most used way to spread the word about a new study, and still is. The question is, because of all the advancements in technology, you would think there is a more “technology” savvy way to use print campaigns. Well there is. The implementation of QR codes has been a huge tool to advanced print campaigns. They are way to have instant study sign up with print campaigns from a mobile phone or tablet. The beauty behind the QR code  is conversion rates jump up with print campaigns because people are more inclined to sign up on a smart phone rather than have to talk to a person. It is proven that syncing these types of campaigns over the traditional campaigns not only improves enrollment but allows the site or sponsor to capture contacts from a print campaign. Clinical patient recruitment is something that has to have a full marketing design behind it and has to stay on the cutting edge of technology to be able to run the most efficient possible. The implementation of a electronic print campaign for clinical patient recruitment is a piece to that puzzle but the main focus should be on the landing page as well.