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We might have a new name, but your study experience remains unchanged!

In a recent message, we announced the upcoming name change from WCCT Global to Altasciences. We understand this may bring up some questions regarding what you can expect when taking part in your next study with us, and we hope to answer some of your key questions below.

Will the facility change?

No, our location and all of its amenities will remain the same, the only difference will be the new name outside! Don’t forget, that while you are staying with us, you are not confined to your bed all day, you can take advantage of our free Wi-Fi and you will have plenty of time to study, read, work, and play on your phone/laptop.  We are also working on an updated entertainment room which will be ready for you to enjoy real soon.

Will there be new staff, we really enjoy the familiar faces at WCCT Global?

Not to worry! All the friendly staff you have come to know, will still be there throughout the process!

What about the staff who speak Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese, will they still be there?

Of course!  We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate the needs of our volunteers, as usual, there will always be bilingual staff on site during business hours.  Don’t forget, some of our studies even offer ethnic food so you feel as comfortable as if you were at home!

Will we still receive the same indemnity for taking part?

Yes. Nothing has changed regarding how we establish our indemnifications.

For anyone interested in more info regarding Altasciences, why not check out our corporate about us from here.

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