COSTA MESA, Calif.,/IReach-PRNewswire/– California CRO WCCT Global is making a large commitment towards advancing pediatric clinical research. The contract research organization which is already well known for conducting early and late phase pediatric trials for asthma, allergies, cough and colds and vaccines within their Phase I-IV Site Network, will expand its focus to emphasize work in other therapeutic areas such as diabetes, cardiovascular, GI and CNS. The research industry recognizes the need to include infants, children and adolescents in a more comprehensive variety of drug development programs, giving cause for WCCT Global to make a commitment to contribute to medical research in pediatrics. WCCT Global’s Therapeutic Center of Excellence in Pediatrics has more than 5 Principal and Sub Investigators available to collaborate with sponsors in both early and late phase development in order to demonstrate the pharmacokinetics, safety, tolerance and pharmacologic activity of new compounds being evaluated in children.

In the coming year, WCCT Global will be conducting pediatric clinical research in chronic constipation, asthma, and diabetes, as well as other indications. In the past, WCCT has carried out pediatric clinical trials in allergies, infectious disease and immunology, dermatology, children’s psychology and psychiatry, gastroenterology, and drug delivery device evaluation. The California CRO firmly believes that conducting medical research in infants, children and adolescents should begin very early in the development plan; as a result of this, WCCT has spent years building its database of pediatric patients and growing its network of pediatric physicians. The contract research organization is optimistic that its work in pediatrics will help infants, children, and adolescents begin to use the newest treatments at the same time as adults.

Dr. Kenneth Kim, the company’s founder and CEO, has this to say about WCCT’s involvement in pediatric clinical research: “Conducting pediatric clinical trials is of great importance. Just as it is important to evaluate potential new treatments in different genders, ethnic groups and patients with various co-morbities early in the development plan, it is important to consider infants, children and adolescents early in development too. This is why I have made it a priority for WCCT Global to be as involved in this field of study as possible.” The contract research organization will be completing these and other pediatric studies in the coming months, and looks forward to conducting many more programs towards the advancement of medical research in pediatrics.