About Our Volunteer Focused Clinical Trials

Since 1998, WCCT has been helping to develop specialized medicines and therapies through clinical research, and we couldn’t have done that without you, the volunteer. We have been fortunate enough to see thousands of volunteers just like you come through our doors and help us to make an impact on the world by taking part in a clinical trial. We strive to educate our volunteers about how their participation is truly appreciated, and demonstrate the ways in which their contributions are changing medicine now and in the future.

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What are clinical trials and why are they important?

To ensure safety and effectiveness, all medications and medical devices must go through a testing process with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) before being made available to the public. During this process, clinical trials are performed.

Medical advances have helped shape the modern world, increasing lifespans and preventing the spread of life-threatening diseases. Every medication, vaccine, or device available on the market was at some point tested in a clinical trial. As advances in technology give us an opportunity to continue to eradicate disease and improve global well-being, we need volunteers like you to ensure the newest and most effective medications can make it to the market without delay.

How do I qualify?

Study participation is simple. Depending on the type of study, certain requirements must be met before a person can be part of a clinical trial. Most often these requirements are related to age, health, and ethnicity.

Once a person has expressed interest, there will be a screening to confirm that they meet the requirements of the study. After this, they will be briefed on the nature of the study, and instructed on scheduling and other important aspects of the clinical trial.

Types of Clinical Trials and Volunteers

At WCCT Global, we not only perform studies with healthy volunteers, but work with a range of participants, including pediatric, geriatric, and other special populations, with a unique specialization working with volunteers of Asian descent. We have a high-level of expertise in a wide range of unique study types requiring different types of volunteers, including: renal (Kidney) impairment, diabetes, dermatology, post-menopausal, pregnant, allergy/asthma, hypertension/high blood pressure, cholesterol, tobacco/nicotine product users, and more.

Clinical Trial Safety

Our volunteers are our greatest asset, and their safety is paramount. Our trained medical personnel can not only provide the highest standard of care, but can respond to any situation or emergency. We’ve planned for every possible risk and have a plan to respond, in order to keep our volunteers as safe as possible and ensure their health is maintained throughout their participation in research and beyond.

Before we begin testing, we always implement a process of informed consent, where volunteers are screened and given a complete overview of procedures and study time frames. If at any point during the trial a volunteer feels overwhelmed or adversely affected, they are free to withdraw consent.

During inpatient stays, we have licensed medical staff onsite at all hours of the day. We also provide transportation, meals, and real-time consultation with support staff, making volunteer health and wellness our foremost priority.

Facilities Enhancing Comfort for Volunteers

As stated above, it’s our priority to provide a safe and comfortable experience for our volunteers. For studies where overnight stays are necessary, we provide an optimal experience of comfort and safety, providing: free Wi-Fi, prepared meals (ethnic-specific when allowed), recreational rooms with TV, movies, and video games, magazines, newspapers, and laundry and shower facilities. We also provide translation services for non-English speakers, and host events like bingo and movie nights when extended stays are required.

  • Balanced meals
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Cable TV, movies and video games
  • Magazines, comic books and newspapers
  • Computers for personal or business use
  • Friends and family visitation

Location and Contact Information

Our headquarters are located in Cypress California, one of the most ethnically diverse regions in the United States. We’re always looking forward to working with new volunteers, and our friendly staff is excited to get you started.

If interested, contact us at one of the support lines below:

General Volunteers

Phone: (877) 777-WCCT (9228)

Email: ptinfo@WCCT.com

Japanese Volunteers

Phone: (877) 997-WCCT (9228)

Email: japanese@WCCT.com

Chinese Volunteers

Phone: (866) 580-WCCT (9228)

Email: chinese@WCCT.com