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5 Ways to Win at DIA!

There are many ways to win at DIA this year- whether that is great prizes for participation at our booth or strategic partnerships to transcend your clinical research programs. This year at DIA, WCCT Global is offering 5 ways to win.  Stop by the WCCT Global Booth #821 and enter for a chance to win either a top shelf Napa Valley Wine or one of many pairs of California’s favorite, Rainbow Sandals. 

How to Win: Drop a business card in the designated area at our booth for which area of research you would like to receive more information about WCCT Global’s capabilities. We will select the winners and contact you the last day of the conference.
See below:

1.)    Win in your Influenza research programs with WCCT Global’s new influenza challenge facility. This state of the art facility is one of 3 designated Influenza research units in the world and one of a kind in the United States. This site includes 30 private rooms, large open phlebotomy areas, ECG rooms, two PK sample lab processing areas, large monitor stations, a securely locked ambient and refrigerated drug storage room, two pharmacy dosing and storage areas with a study drug laminar flow hood, secure medical records and CRF storage roomsStop by our booth to learn more.

2.)    Win in your large NHV research studies with WCCT Global’s dedicated phase I unit. Come and discuss how our vast reach of healthy volunteers and patients are eager to join our trials, proving why WCCT Global is a leader in expedited phase I clinical trials. WCCT Global is responsible for enrolling hundreds of NHV in 2013. 

3.)    Stop by and discuss with our team WCCT Global’s cutting edge patient recruitment solution that will make your next clinical trial enrollment a success. WCCT Global’s risk-free model is comprised of cutting edge targeting solutions to handle large multi-site recruitment efforts all the way down to single site recruitment assistance. This program has been responsible for successfully recruiting the largest ethnobridging clinical trial done in the United States and clinical trials in the area of asthma, diabetes, Hepatitis B & C,and many other indications. Learn how this program can expedite your clinical trial program.

4.)    Win in your ophthalmology programs? Learn about WCCT Global’s ophthalmology clinical research capabilities and our vast local patient database including indications like glaucoma, central retinal vein occlusion, corneal disease, and chronic macular edema patients. Discuss with us how your organization can win in your next ophthalmology clinical trial using our state-of-the-art ophthalmology research site.

5.) Win with your next Cosmetic/ Aesthetic clinical research program with WCCT Global’s state of the art facility. Learn how recent acquisitions done in 2013 has expanded our capabilities in the cosmetic arena. 


 If you would like to schedule a time to discuss any of the topics above with a team member, please send email to