Dental Clinical Research Services

Practice-based dentistry research to conduct the most effective trials.

The rapid growth of the market for dental implants, treatments for periodontal disease, periodontal regeneration, biologics and biomaterials that support esthetic soft tissue regeneration is creating complexities for sponsors, patients and dentists.

These new technology breakthroughs are driving more sophisticated dental study designs. Since these studies are moving from academia to private practices, there is a clear need for a CRO that understands the needs and limitations of community dental practices and is able to provide sites with the necessary ancillary resources to complete these more complicated trials.

Through our partnership with the McGuire Institute, WCCT in combination with Medelis has been applying its expertise to the rapidly developing field of dental research since 2011. Our staff is experienced in practice-based dentistry research, and we partner, train and problem-solve with our sponsors and investigators to conduct the most effective trials.

This partnership provides:
  • Dentists with medical training, ancillary resource and management support
  • Patients with CT scans, MRIs, blood work, and cardiac monitoring and imaging
  • Sponsors with sophisticated study designs, trained medical support and rigorous data collection methods

We work with large, midsize and small dental sponsors to help deliver the right clinical research, on time and on budget.

Our dental services include:
  • Study design
  • Site selection and management
  • Training
  • Patient interaction
  • Data collection
  • Regulatory management


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