Santa Ana Phase 2-4 Clinical Pharmacology Units

Ophthalmology clinical pharmacology units - santa ana california

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Our Santa Ana Ophthalmology Clinical Research Center features two clinical pharmacology units and outpatient sites providing full-service research capabilities in Ophthalmology, Cosmetology, and Aesthetics. It includes a network of more than 20 referring ophthalmologists and optometrists throughout Southern California.

Key Features/Capabilities:

• A database of more than 10,000 active patients of varying ages and demographics
• Access to more than 40,000 patients through our ophthalmology/optometry referral network involving numerous facilities throughout Southern California
• 6 ophthalmology-trained investigators (4 MDs, 2 ODs)
• Device Experience:
• Contact lenses
• Diagnostic software
• Diagnostic equipment
• Surgical Experience:
• Excimer ocular surgery
• Phacoemulsification
• Lens replacement
• Implants
• Plug insertion
• Dermatology/Plastic surgery

Studies Performed:

• Cornea and external disease
• Uveitis
• Vitreoretinal diseases
• Glaucoma
• Neuro-ophthalmology
• Oculoplastics
• Pediatric ophthalmic conditions


• Computerized visual acuity assessment (ETDRS, Contrast Sensitivity, Glare,ATS -Amblyopia
Treatment Study & HACSS-Holladay Automated Contrast Sensitivity System
• Autorefractor/Keratometry
• Fundus Photography (Non-mydriatic, Mydriatic, Fluorescein Angiography, lndocyanine Green
• Optical coherence tomography of the:
• lridocorneal angle
• Cornea
• Retina-macula
• Optic nerve
• Scanning Laser Polarimetry
• Confocal Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope
• Corneal Topography (Scheimpflug/Piaceido Slit-Scanning)
• Ultrasound Pachymetry-corneal thickness measurement
• Confocal Microscopy
• Specular Microscopy
• Automated Threshold Static Perimetry of visual fields
• Goldmann Kinetic Perimetry
• Preferential Hyperacuity Perimetry
• A-scan ultrasound biometry
• B-scan ultrasonography of the eye & orbit
• Electro diagnostics (ERG,EOG, VEP)
• Multispectral Retinal Imaging
• Macular Pigment Density Testing
• Impression Cytology
• Tear Osmolarity Testing (laboratory micro analysis of the tear fluid)
• Color Vision Assessment (RGB Anomalscope,D-15, FM-100, Pseudoisochromatic plates,
Farnsworth color vision testing)