Clinical Pharmacology Units

WCCT Global own’ s and operates 5 Clinical Sites which include 2 Clinical Pharmacology Units, 1 Asthma and Allergy clinic, 2 Ophthalmology and Cosmetology research sites, and multiple Gastroenterology research sites and outpatient centers throughout the Inland Empire and Orange County. Because we also manage studies at the CRO level, our clinical pharmacology units have top-down insight into the clinical process and have operationalized this process to produce quality data for Sponsors.  Unlike most sites, our sites are provided with the business support needed to meet timelines, budget, and recruitment and retention goals for Phase I-IV in both inpatient and outpatient studies.  Our unique approach yields success with every study conducted in our sites, even for studies managed by other CROs.


Clinical Pharmacology Units and Outpatient Sites:

Costa Mesa, Ca – CPU

3545 Howard Way,
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

25,000 sq. ft with 60+ beds

The Costa Mesa location is one of two clinical pharmacology units owned by WCCT Global. This location specialized in special population & ethnobridging clinical trials. The Costa Mesa CPU also houses a dedicated influenza challenge facility equipped with a 30 private rooms with separate ventilation from the rest of the CPU.

Key Features:
– Dedicated to clinical studies in special patient population
– Houses an influenza challenge unit set to run early and late phase influenza challenge studies.
– Clinical Study Experience: HCV/HBV, Renal, Diabetes, Asthma, Allergy, COPD, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hypertension, CHF, CAD/PAD, Dermatology, Obesity.

Cypress, Ca – CPU

5630 Cerritos Ave.
Cypress, CA 90630

75,000 sq. ft with 150+ beds

The Cypress, California Clinical pharmacology unit is the largest WCCT Global location with over 150 beds. This CPU is a dedicated phase I unit and can provide housing for long term in-house trials. This facility also provides services for large Asian bridging clinical trials.

– Special procedures performed are: Pulmonary Function Testing, Bronchoscopy, Biopsies, Glucose Monitoring, IV infusion, Subcutaneous & intramuscular injections, skin blister, X-rays, MRIs, vaginal ultrasounds and pap smears.
– Ethnobridging capabilities (e.g. Japanese, Chinese,Korean) with multilingual staff to provide comfortable accommodation and cultural sensitivity for volunteer satisfaction and retention.
– DDI, SAD, MAD, BA/BE, PK, FIH, Drug Delivery including devices, Food Effect
– Bio fluid collection: Stool, Sputum, Semen, 24hr.Urine collection and serial CSF collection and processing

Santa Ana, Ca – Ophthalmology Centers

1200 North Tustin Ave, Suite 220 & 230
Santa Ana, CA 92705

2010 E. First St. Suite 160
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Key Features:
Drug study capabilities: Glaucoma, ocular hypertension, allergic conjunctivitis, Macular Edema (including diabetic), cataracts, corneal epithelium defect, dry eye, Macular Degeneration

Device experience: Contact lenses, diagnostic software, diagnostic equipment

Surgery experience: Excimer Ocular Surgery, LASIK, phacoemulsification, lens replacement surgery, implants,plug insertion, Dermatology/ Plastic Surgery

Drug delivery capabilities: ocular administration routes, including ophthalmic solutions, emulsions.

Long Beach Asthma/ Allergy Facility, Ca

2600 Redondo Blvd, Suite 400
Long Beach, CA 90806

The Long Beach facility specializes in Asthma and allergy clinical trials. This research facility has a large database of active patients due to the facility being an active asthma and allergy clinical to the Long Beach Community. This facility also has a large number of pediatric patients with Asthma and allergies.

– Dedicated to allergy and asthma patient trials
– Outpatient Site
– Access to 10,000 Patients
– Site Specialty: Asthma and Allergy research, Pediatrics