Allergic to House Dust Mite?

WCCT Global is looking for males and females between the ages of 12 to 65 who have house dust mite-associated allergic rhinitis to participate in a clinical research study of an investigational medication.


  • Ages 12 to 65 years
  • Have house dust mite (HDM)-associated allergic rhinitis (AR) (with or without asthma) for at least 1 year
    • Symptoms for 4 or more consecutive weeks in the previous year and for at least 4 days per week during those weeks.
    • Symptoms requiring regular intake of symptomatic treatment(s).
    • Symptoms evaluated as “troublesome” by the patients or impairing their daily activities, leisure or sport, school or work or involving sleep disturbance.
  • Available for 8 outpatient visits

You may receive:

  • Compensation up to $700
  • Study related care at no cost


To see if you qualify, call: