Clinical Site Services

Flexible Clinical Pharmacology Units that work directly with study Sponsors, with other CROs or with our own CRO team for maximum efficiency and control.  Providing Dynamic Clinical Solutions for Phase I-IV inpatient and outpatient clinical site services.


Clinical Pharmacology Units:

Since WCCT Global owns and operates its own CPUs, we understand what it takes to successfully recruit and retain subjects into a clinical trial.  As such, our CPUs have a dedicated recruitment department consisting of 15+ full-time Recruiters.  This department works to ensure that the Sponsor’s recruitment goals are met in a timely and efficient manner.  The CPUs also have a database of more than 45,000 interested volunteers.  Through advertising, physician referrals, and community health outreach programs and efforts, the recruitment team is continually expanding its subject and patient database so that WCCT can effectively match interested and qualified participants to the currently enrolling appropriate clinical trials. This group is supported by the Recruiting Marketing Department, which creates advertisements to target a specific audience and identify potential volunteers based on the specific study criteria.  We access a large internal database of previous and new volunteers along with accessing a growing network of collaborating physicians throughout the community through our dedicated Physician’s relations group that give us access to even more patients than those that already exist in our internal database.


WCCT has two clinical pharmacology units, a Phase I Unit in Cypress and a Special Populations Unit in Costa Mesa. Both units are located within two large metropolitan areas, strategically situated to recruit from a very diverse ethnic population of over 13 million people (Los Angeles County – 9.3MM, Orange County – 2.7MM, and Riverside/San Bernardino Counties – 3.1MM). There are also several major universities and community colleges nearby for recruitment of normal healthy volunteers.  The Cypress Phase I Unit is housed in a 40,000 square foot space and has 150 beds. The Costa Mesa unit has 15 semi-private rooms and can house between 30 subjects. The units contain large open phlebotomy areas, ECG rooms with multiple stations, semi-private subject rooms, various subject entertainment options (Direct TV, computers, internet, DVD players and movies, ping pong, foosball, PlayStation 2, etc.), two spacious PK sample lab processing areas, large and comfortable monitor stations with phones and high speed internet access, a securely locked ambient and refrigerated drug storage room, two pharmacy dosing and storage areas with a study drug laminar flow hood, secure medical records and CRF storage rooms. WCCT is capable of providing full service studies including protocol writing, data management, biostatistics and medical writing either in-house or in combination with trusted service providers.

The Phase I unit’s equipment list includes: atomic clocks and watches for time synchronization, six (6) refrigerated centrifuges, 12+ ECG Machines,  three -70º C freezers, several -20º C freezers,  several 2-8ºC refrigerators,  treadmill equipment, slit lamps, Goldmann and Perkins applanation tonometers, pupillometers, telemetry and holter-capable,  stadiometers, crash carts, nitric oxide machine, a platelet aggregometry lab and  multiple spirometry units.

Our experienced team at the WCCT Global office in Langhome, PA, provides depth in Program Management, Data Management, Statistical Analysis, Protocol Writing and Development, Regulatory and other CRO services.

The senior management team of WCCT has many years of combined pharma and CRO experience.  Along with the WCCT-employed Principal Investigators, WCCT works closely with board certified physicians in gynecology, pediatrics, endocrinology, pulmonology, nephrology, ophthalmology, and internal medicine.  WCCT has a well-trained staff of coordinators who have successfully finished an intensive 10 week GCP focused training program.  The Phase 1 clinical staff consists of Directors of Project Management, Clinical Operations, Clinical Trial Management, Clinical Support, and PK Lab Operations.