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FAQs for Clinical Volunteers

If you want to know more about clinical trials or are considering participating in one, the following frequently asked questions describe the role of a patient and will help you understand this unique research program.

Category Question Response
Confinement Will I have to stay at your facility during the entire inpatient stay? Yes. Studies with an inpatient stay will require staying with WCCT for the duration of the study.
Payment How much is compensation? Compensation varies depending on the study design and procedures.
Payment When will I be paid? You’ll be paid throughout the study period.
 Transportation Is transportation provided? In some cases, yes. However, volunteers are also provided compensation for time and travel, which can be fully discussed during our phone screening.
Safety Is it safe to participate in this study? Participating in clinical trial research does come with some risks, but be assured that our friendly recruitment staff will inform you of every possible issue that may arise during the study.
Room Will I have my own room? In some cases, yes. We offer private rooms for specific clinical trials, but for others you will have to share. Be sure to clarify this information with our recruitment professionals.
Wi-Fi Is there Wi-Fi? Yes, we provide Wi-Fi to our study volunteers.
Visitors Can family visit me? This depends on the length of the study. Some studies allow volunteers to receive visits from family members.
Personal Belongings Can I bring my laptop? Yes.
Food/Drinks Can I bring outside food/drinks? No. Unfortunately, outside food and drinks are not allowed. This includes any personal snacks for inpatient studies.
Personal Belongings Can I bring anything I want with me to the inpatient stay? There are restrictions on what you can and cannot bring into a WCCT facility during inpatient stays. This includes food and beverages (see above) and personal toiletries. Discuss this with our recruitment staff prior to check-in.
Side-effects How likely is it that I will have side effects? Any possible side effects will be listed in your informed consent that you must read at your screening appointment. In the event that you do experience side effects, you will be provided appropriate medical attention by our trained staff.

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