Clinical Data Management

Clinical Trial Data Management Services

Leveraging best-in-class systems, people and processes

Full-Service Clinical Data Management

As a full-service clinical data management provider that leverages best-in-class systems, people and processes, we provide a comprehensive, cost-effective end-to-end solution.

Our service offerings include:
  • Clinical data management plan development
  • Database design
  • Data validation plan preparation (edit check specifications)
  • CRF/eCRF design
  • Data review
  • Data query generating/tracking/reconciling
  • Coding dictionaries for AEs (MedDRA) and medications (WHO Drug), and data coding of all AEs and medications
  • Data transfer specifications
  • Interim analysis
  • Database locking
  • Final datasets transfer to biostatistician

Data Management EDC Platform

Our EDC platform is OmniComm TrialMaster which adds a depth of functionality for a better user experience.

TrialMaster allows us to:
  • Support Phase I – IV clinical trials
  • Capture high quality data with a minimal amount of inquiries
  • Support Adjudication processes
  • Import data from third party sources (including imaging and Central Lab files) for measurement and interpretation
  • Easily enter data from sites
  • Keep study build times to 8 weeks or less (depending on the complexity of the study and the ability to use standard forms)

Increase Quality and Agility with Faster Setup and Execution of Studies

With WCCT you can streamline your drug development endeavor. Through our beginning-to-end, technology-enhanced clinical development optimization services you’ll be able to accelerate and simplify your study design, improve quality, and expedite start-up, execution and submission.


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